If we had to hedge a guess, we'd suspect that way more than 47% of Fashion Week attendees don't watch the "O'Reilly Factor."

We thought we'd introduce you to this clip, then, from when the Fox News show ventured to the alien planet of New York Fashion Week to survey attendees about fitness and you know, taxes.

"Times are tough economically for many Americans," O'Reilly bellows, "but not for the idle rich, and there were plenty of them floating around New York City last week."

The notoriously cranky TV host sent Jesse Watters to Lincoln Center for the program's regular "Watters' World" feature, where Watters corners a bevy of attractive girls outside the tents and peppers them with comments like, "the Cold War is over... we won, by the way" (to a pair of blonde Russian girls). He teases one woman for not knowing what BCBG stands for. "We have a sense of entitlement [as a country]," one woman rants to Watters as he nods enthusiastically.

"Money is no object for these people, right?" O'Reilly says later to Watters in the studio. "I mean they're spending, what, five, six thousand dollars on their little dresses?" (Ed. note: never mind the fact that the fashion industry provides much-needed jobs for millions of people and their families?)

They then discuss a cape Katie Holmes is selling for $3100. O'Reilly asks if the "fashionable people" have any awareness of the fact that we're in a global recession.

"They're in such a bubble that they don't care," Watters asserts. "They don't know who anything about Paul Ryan or Medicare... I asked them one question and they had no answer."

Watch the clip below, and be sure to hold out until the end, when Kimora Lee Simmons unleashes some sass.

(h/t to Refinery29)

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