Much like the abandoned Ciudad Real International airport, Ciudad Valdeluz also sits nearly abandoned in central Spain.

Valdeluz, a suburb roughly 37 miles northeast of Madrid, was meant to be a stop on the AVE, Spain's high-speed rail, in the province of Guadelaja. The city was built to house 30,000 people; instead, due to the economic downturn, it was never finished and only around 1,000 people took up residence there, according to The Daily Mail.

Now a 24-hour security patrol is in place to safeguard the town's residents and a pharmacy is due to open soon, The Daily Mail reports.

Despite the sparse population, the town is an eerie reminder of the economic downturn and how easy it is for towns around the world to be abandoned.

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  • A road network surrounded by wasteland remains the only evidence for a proposed residential development in Ciudad Valdeluz, Spain.

  • An unused playground.

  • Large-scale residential developments stand predominately unoccupied.

  • Unfinished residential developments stand dormant.

  • A woman waits at a bus stop.

  • An infrequently used recycling point.