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Mitt Romney 'Dear Daughter' Ad Targets Women As Campaign Faces Fallout Over Videos

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GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. (AP Photo/David McNew)
GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. (AP Photo/David McNew)

As the Mitt Romney campaign tries to deal with the fallout from a video showing the candidate saying that 47 percent of Americans are "victims" who are "dependent on government," the campaign announced a new television ad Tuesday hitting a usual theme about debt and the sluggish economy, targeted towards women.

"Dear daughter. Welcome to America," says a female narrator. "Your share of Obama's debt is over 50,000 dollars. And it grows every day."

"Obama's policies are making it harder on women. The poverty rate for women -- the highest in 17 years. More women are unemployed under President Obama. More than 5.5 million women can't find work. That’s what Obama's policies have done for women," continues the narrator.

"Welcome, daughter."

Romney is only featured as a voice to approve the message.

Romney is substantially behind among female voters. A recent New York Times/CBS poll found President Barack Obama with a 53-41 lead among women.

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