We've seen actress Susan Sarandon play a nun in "Dead Man Walking," a murderess on the lam in "Thelma and Louise" and a betrayed rich wife in her latest, "Arbitrage." But fans will be stunned by the numerous transformations Sarandon undergoes in "Cloud Atlas."

"I don't have big parts, but I have fun parts," in the movie, Sarandon told Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night."

Each actor in the highly anticipated film adaptation plays at least five different characters, Sarandon said. She'll play an Indian man ("I looked like a distant relative of Christopher Walken," she said) and a seer whose face is covered in henna tattoos.

"It's a wonderful movie about how everyone is connected," Sarandon explained. "It's a major, major epic movie with epic ideas for grown ups."

Sarandon also threw the spotlight on two stars on the rise: her dogs, Penny Lane and Rigby Sue.

The pups preceded their owner in joining Twitter, where they connect with fans and bring their rivalry online, Sarandon explained in an odd, yet endearing, part of the interview.

"It started this whole war, someone's offered [Rigby] a book deal. It's gone to her head!"

To hear more about how Sarandon was "type cast" in "Cloud Atlas" -- and her dogs' ongoing Twitter battle -- watch the video above.

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