09/19/2012 10:22 pm ET | Updated Sep 20, 2012

Bob Fescoe Chiefs Rant: Kansas City Sports Radio Host Goes Off On Team

Based on the results of their first two games, it looks like it's going to be a long, miserable season for the Kansas City Chiefs and their fans. In losses to the Falcons and the Bills, the Chiefs have been outscored 75-41.

Fescoe in the Morning host Bob "Bulldog" Fescoe is not happy about it.

Fescoe went on a loud rant on Monday morning after Kansas City's demoralizing 35-17 loss to Buffalo.

"You're embarrassing your mother. You're embarrassing your father. You're embarrassing the city. You're embarrassing your wife and your children," Fescoe screamed.

Listen to the near-five-minute meltdown below.

Unfortunately for Fescoe, it might get worse in Week 3 as the Chiefs travel to New Orleans to play Drew Brees. Although the Saints also have an 0-2 record, they are ranked several spots above the Bills in the latest AP power rankings.

Although he spends a majority of the time screaming, to Fescoe's credit, he does use words like "pooped" and "crapped" instead of any expletives. If you think this rant is bad, it might be worth listening to WQAM radio host Dan Sileo go off on the Miami Hurricanes football team.


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