A local transportation justice group petitioned Detroit's city council Tuesday night to help restore bus service cut by the Detroit Department of Transportation earlier this year.

In March DDOT shortened hours on over 30 routes, discontinued service on several, and eliminated night service from 1 to 4 a.m. Further service cuts are set to take place on Sept. 29, when DDOT's new round of schedule changes take effect.

The North End Woodward Community Coalition presented nearly 1,300 signatures, as well as video testimony, to Council at a community event being held at Wayne Community College.


"These are grassroots petitions, not ballot petitions. [We're] asking for support and help to get our buses reinstated," said Rev. Joan Ross, director of the community coalition.

She said the group also plans to submit the petitions to Mayor Bing.

Earlier this year, the organization filed a civil rights complaint against the Detroit Department of Transportation following the service cuts.

The petitions were presented at Detroit City Council's Community Workshop.

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  • Detroit Bus Rider Testimonial: Tanisha Flowers

    "It's sad that we've come to the day where you have to wait two or three hours in some cases for the bus to arrive, said Tanisha Flowers." When you can't get to work on time that means you stand a chance of being fired."

  • Detroit Bus Rider Testimonial: Diane Gordon

    "I ride the bus on a very frequent basis. I'm out there in agonizing pain at times," said Diane Gordon. "When I see the see the things that go on the bus it's ridiculous -- especially the waiting times of the bus."

  • Detroit Bus Rider Testimonial: Syri Simpson

    "I'm very concerned about the security of these erratic buses for myself and handicapped and senior citizens," said Syri Simpson. "The longer we wait for a bus, the more likely we are to be victimized by a criminal element that can spot us."

  • Detroit Bus Rider Testimonial: Sandra Hines, John Howard, Alison Woodfolk

    "Most of the people that's standing out waiting on the the buses for such long lengths of time become angry, frustrated, stressful, confused, discouraged and disrepected," said Sandra Hines. "So, I begin to see that it's a different kind of atmosphere when you get up on the bus no then what it was maybe a year ago."