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El Paso ISD Took Pictures Of Students Entering U.S. For School

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Thousands of people are welcomed to the state of Texas by this sign after entering the United States on foot across the Bridge of the Americas, which spans the Rio Grande, July 3, 2007 in El Paso, Texas. According to US Border and Customs Protection, nearly 90,000 people cross weekly from Ciudad Juarez to El Paso for shopping, school or work in the United States. 4.1 million pedestrians crossed into El Paso in 2006 according to the National Transportation Administration. (Photo by Chip Somodevil | Getty Images

Four years ago, an unlikely group of men unofficially joined the retinue of U.S. Border Patrol agents and customs inspectors that carefully watched thousands of cars and pedestrians stream across the Bridge of the Americas during the morning rush hour.

They did not belong to any of the law enforcement agencies tasked with screening traffic at the port, but instead carried on with their peculiar surveillance effort from the Chamizal National Memorial just steps away from the bridge.

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