Happy birthday, Jimmy Fallon!

The host of "Late Night" turned 38 today, so what better way to celebrate than with an animated GIF for every year of his life?

When Fallon took over "Late Night" after Conan O'Brien in 2009, some critics weren't so sure that he could make the transition from the biggest breaker on "Saturday Night Live" to a dapper late night talk show host. But after several years of funny songs, hashtags, interviews and "Jersey Shore" parodies in Studio 6B, he's more than proven that he has what it takes.

Check out 38 Jimmy Fallon GIFs in the slideshow below and tell us your favorite Fallon moment in the comments.

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  • Srsly?

  • Wi-Fi Password

  • Eyebrow Dance

  • Feeding A Bear

  • Jimmy Dancing

  • Catching An Ice Cube

  • Don't Touch!

  • So Expressive!

  • Loosen Up Your Buttons

  • Great Smile!

  • Chicks

  • ...EW

  • Awesome Dancing

  • Glasses

  • So Surprised

  • Eyebrow Lessons

  • Blonde Wig

  • Puppy Fallon

  • More Dancing

  • Fallon Clapping Angrily

  • Gary Chutch

  • Water In The Face

  • SNL Jimmy

  • An Adorable Kiss

  • The Fallon Bunch

  • Bye Bye Bye

  • Jimmy Is Magic

  • Blowing A Kiss

  • Fallon And Poehler

  • Fallon Shocked

  • Sweet Mustache

  • Hurt Back

  • Bring It Around Town

  • Bike Rider

  • Barry Gibb

  • Elmo And Jimmy

  • Jimmy as Justin Bieber

  • Jimmy And Brian Williams

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