This week, Kanye West released the long awaited G.O.O.D. Music compilation album Cruel Summer. While it hasn't received raving reviews thus far, we are going to keep it positive and celebrate one of our favorite things about Mr. West: his proclivity toward namedropping art figures and movements.

Whether comparing his stubbornness to Vincent Van Gogh's or tweeting inspirational Picasso quotes, West always seems to have art on the brain. The rap giant's soft spot for beauty and value makes his art fetish understandable -- yet his classical tastes with lewd undertones never cease to surprise us.

Kanye is far from the only hip hop artist to reference artists in his lyrics: Rick Ross has a thing for Basquiat, Swizz Beats salutes Keith Haring and Drake shows Warhol some love here.

Enjoy our favorite art moments from Mr. West below, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Kanye pulls a double reference to surrealist painter Salvador Dali and Cameron Diaz's 'Theres Something About Mary,' we guess. It seems an effect of MDMA is melting objects similar to Dali's dripping clocks

  • Kanye West doesn't care when people hate on him, his refusal to listen is as if he was missing an ear. Van Gogh is missing an ear!

  • Kanye West

    Marc Newson's boat was a limited edition design that showed at Gagosian in 2010. Inspirational indeed.

  • This line is spoken by Jay, who performed at the MoMA in the company of history's most famed artists, all without graduating high school.

  • Kanye West

    This was my high school graduation quote. No joke, Kanye. No joke.

  • We can only assume Jay is referring to his honey Bey, saying her beauty is enough to inspire Picasso and put the Mona Lisa's smile to shame.

  • Kanye West

    What if, Kanye? What if...

  • Although Larry Gagosian works in a gallery, not a museum, it is a nice compliment nonetheless.

  • Kanye West

    Next time, just google it to double check!

  • Kanye West


  • Kanye gets deep talking about how his lover is distant from him in his memory, as if separated by a sheet of glass.

  • Kanye West

    Helmut Newton is known for his sleek and sexy black-and-white photos, Guy Bourdin for his surrealist take on fashion. Kanye was reportedly inspired by Newton for his "Monster" video.

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