09/19/2012 02:05 pm ET

Kate Middleton Leaked Photos: What Would Prince Harry Say?

As Kate Middleton and Buckingham Palace continue to fight against the further release of photographs of Kate topless, she has the support of her brother-in-law Prince Harry. Plus, many believe in the long run, this unfortunate incident will help, not hurt the duchess.

"The topless scandal has made Kate more popular than ever. She is holding her head held high and getting on with the tour of the Far East with William," British royal watcher Jessica Callan tells me. "It's duty first as a royal and Kate is proving that she is capable of this. Yes, she is devastated, but she's doing a fantastic job of refusing to let the violation of the topless shots get to her."

Recently the tide of public opinion in America has started to turn, with many blaming Kate herself and arguing that someone as famous as she is should know better than to sunbathe topless while relaxing on a private estate, and that the young royal is no different from celebrities such as Lady Gaga. However, one person who is presumably supporting Middleton is her brother-in-law, Prince Harry, who himself was recently photographed naked.

"Harry is in Afghanistan, where he's stationed right now, so it's highly unlikely they've had a chat today, but he will no doubt tell Kate to continue doing what she's doing -- keep upbeat and that smile on your face while you're out in public representing the royal family," Callan says. "Just as Harry has done so well every time he's been in trouble."


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