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Knott's Berry Farm 'Windseeker' Ride Malfunction: Riders Stranded For Hours

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Facebook: Knott's Berry Farm
Facebook: Knott's Berry Farm

BUENA PARK, Calif. — The Windseeker attraction at Southern California's Knott's Berry Farm broke down and left 20 riders who expected a three-minute thrill dangling 300 feet over the amusement park for nearly four hours.

Knott's spokeswoman Jennifer Blazey told several media outlets the ride, which lifts fun-seekers high over the park with their legs dangling and spins them in a circle, malfunctioned at 4 p.m. Wednesday.

TV news helicopters showed all the riders being lowered to the ground and helped off shortly before 8 p.m., long after the park had closed and dark had fallen.

There were no injuries and no indication anyone was in danger.

Riders sat calmly as they waited in the air, some casually swinging their legs.

The ride also left people stuck in the air on Sept. 7.