The New England Patriots reportedly were not happy about the Summer of Gronk, asking their talented tight end Fiesta to tone down his antics. But did they say anything about the Autumn of Gronk?

Nearly a year after the Patriots star apologized for a photo of himself with porn star Bibi Jones that hit the Internet, the pair can be seen together again in another image that she shared. Having retired from the pornography, Jones is now tweeting under the name Britney Maclin.

In one of the photos of the pair from October 2011, Gronk was shirtless. This time, Maclin is the one without a top. She's turned away from the camera slightly and covering herself somewhat with Gronkowski's jersey.


Britney Maclin
I pic of gronk of I that no one has never seen lol —naughty!

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Noting Gronkowski's attire, Deadspin is "reasonably sure this is an older photo from last season." USA Today concurs, pointing out that the jersey in the picture is manufactured by Reebok and not Nike (who produces the current jerseys).

Although Maclin eventually suggested that someone else shared the photo on her account without her knowledge, she didn't just share the photo. The 21-year-old, who describes herself as a "Sweet loving girl from Oklahoma" on her Twitter profile, also took credit for Gronkowski's lackluster performance in the Patriots' Week 2 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Britney Maclin
Gronk told me he dropped those balls bc he was thinking of me! Gotta get back in his life (:

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