09/19/2012 05:14 pm ET

Ryan Gosling Orders A Cheeseburger, 'Drive' Style (VIDEO)

Apropos of nothing, a fun little Ryan Gosling-inspired cartoon popped up on YouTube. But it's a slow news day, and the video perfectly encapsulates the biggest problem with "Drive," the tense and at times sclerotic crime movie starring Gosling as a mostly mute auto repairman with a dangerous side job. In the film, Gosling answers nearly all questions with a healthy, multi-second pause. When he does speak, he's awfully soft-spoken.

This cartoon -- by a fellow who goes by Kurtoon -- captures it all brilliantly. Watch above and laugh. Here are the credits:

Cashier:Liz-Ann Agostino

Ryan Gosling: Kurtis Scott

Musical score is a sound-alike. Written and performed by Kevin Scott

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