Vernon Wells Jumps Over Wall: Angels Outfielder Dives Into Stands Chasing Home Run Ball (VIDEO)

09/19/2012 02:50 pm ET

Vernon Wells deserves an 'A' for his effort on this play. Unfortunately, it's still going to be tagged with an 'F' for FAIL.

Tracking a deep drive to left field off the bat of Ian Kinsler, Wells runs directly into the wall at Angel Stadium .. and tumbles right over.

For all of his trouble, the Angels' outfielder didn't appear to be very close to the ball. Kinsler's hit looks like it landed several feet behind the fence. The ball bounced out of the park as Wells fell to the ground empty-handed. Regardless, good job, good effort, Vernon.

Thanks to the 11 runs they pushed across the plate, the Angels were able to withstand Kinsler's home run.

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