Powered flight, an enterprise so closely linked with elegance and beauty, has also spawned a few disasterously ugly airframes.

While military planes have an excuse for their utilitarian looks, civilian aircraft are, for the most part, smooth and stylish, calm in their ability to soar skyward as the engines rev up.

That is, for the most part.

In the annals of aviation, a few unfortunate designs have gone from drawing board to production, ferrying passengers around the world in the utter depths of stylishness.

The 787 these aircraft most certainly are not.

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  • Antonov An-140

    Ukrainian colors do little to spruce up this utilitarian workhorse from the former Soviet bloc.

  • Boeing 314 Yankee Clipper

    Never before had something so elegant -- flight -- been rendered so grounded as with the potbellied amphibious Yankee Clipper.

  • Fokker 50

    Stubby, ungainly, with a high tail and low-slung fuselage, this turboprop is all efficiency and no high design.

  • Short 330

    For when the Fokker 50 is too elegant, the Short 330 stands by, with wing struts and a boxy shape that would fit nicely into a pile of shipping containers.

  • Airbus 'Beluga'

    These cargo-lifting behemoths have little of the sleek charm their smaller brethren offer passengers. While this particular aircraft doesn't fly commercial routes, it is made by one of the world's biggest commercial airliner manufacturers.

  • Cessna Aircraft Company, Witchita, Kansas

    Travel with Bennett-Watt and visit the Cessna Aircraft Company in Witchita, Kansas, where you can see how air-crafts are manufactured. Cessna Aircraft Company, Privet Aircraft Manufacturing,