09/20/2012 01:17 pm ET

19 Beer Accessories That Would Confuse A Drunk Person (PHOTOS)

If you've ever been to a Spencer's Gifts, a fraternity house or your older brother's room, chances are you've encountered some of the funny beer-related products below. Sure, they're fun for a while, but as the night goes on we can bet that many of these would befuddle the inebriated individual.

Shooting a "beer blaster," using a "beer burglar" alarm or wearing a "beer hoodie" isn't so hard when you're sober (although it's still pretty ridiculous). The fun part comes in when your friend who's fond of keg stands gets a hold of them and attempts to partake. Just look at the 19 accessories below and imagine you've got a set of beer goggles on. You'll get the idea.

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Beer Accessories Too Confusing For Drunk People


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