The tell-tale signs are all around you: the beards, the barn, the mason jars-as-glasses.

You have an inkling that you're in the presence of a hipster bride and groom -- but how can you be sure that you're really at a hipster wedding?

Thanks to Refinery29's handy infographic, you'll never have to wonder again.

Get a sneak peek at the infographic below, then click over to Refinery29 to see the rest!


Click through the slideshow below to check out a day in the life of a hipster bride.

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  • Wake up in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

  • Loosely curl the ends of your hair -- but not so much that it looks like you used a curling iron.

  • Ogle your vintage, but non-diamond, engagement ring.

  • Put on your flowy, vintage dress.

  • Put on woven headband.

  • Head to Prospect Park...

  • a vintage Rolls Royce...

  • ...with your mismatched dress-wearing bridesmaids.

  • Marry a guy wearing rolled up pants and Top Siders.

  • Eat from a food truck.

  • Cut the vegan cake.

  • Then dance to songs that no one has ever heard of -- all from the music blog du jour...

  • ...under a DIY burlap banner.

Cover photo by Gabriella Giannini.

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