09/20/2012 09:50 am ET | Updated Sep 20, 2012

'Key & Peele': Obama And Luther Take On Romney's 47 Percent Gaffe (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Warning: some NSFW language

If you're like President Obama and his anger translator Luther on "Key & Peele," you heard about Mitt Romney's leaked "47%" comments and thought, "That sh*t is relatively 'cray.'"

In this exclusive video from Comedy Central's resident Obama impersonator(s), the embattled GOP presidential candidate gets a few harsh words (and a few huge laughs) from Luther. He couldn't believe that Romney not only offended almost half of the country, but also joked that he would have been better off if he was born Latino.

"Oh, the suffering! How did you ever survive as a rich, white assh*ole in America?" Luther says in disbelief.

Watch the sketch above and hear the rest of Luther's rant on Romney as well as the unrest in the Middle East over "The Innocence Of Muslims."


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