There are very few things, it seems, that don't have museums dedicated to them these days.

The history of torture in museum form makes sense, for instance, given its use throughout history. But, while we can find nothing wrong with SPAM, is an entire museum (of nearly 17,000-square feet no less) necessary?

We combed through many lists of the strangest museums around the world and came up with our top picks. Check them out below and add your favorites!

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  • Paris Sewer Museum

    This museum is an <a href="">ode to Paris' sewage system</a>. The entrance xits at 93, quai d'Orsay.

  • Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum, Yokohama

    Branches of famous Japanese ramen restaurants, as well as a replica of Tokyo from 1958 (when instant noodles were invented), sits in <a href="">this ode</a> to all things ramen. Here, a photo of the gift shop.

  • The Museum of Bad Art, Massachusetts

    This <a href="">Dedham-area museum </a>needs no explanation.

  • Frietmuseum, Belgium

    Who wouldn't go to a <a href="">museum of French fries and all things potatoes</a>?

  • Kiwi360, New Zealand

    This <a href="">rather bizarre museum celebrates all things kiwi</a>. Visitors can take 40-minute tours through fields and orchards.

  • SPAM Museum, Minnesota

    This Austin museum offers <a href="">16,500-square feet of SPAM history</a>.

  • Iceland Phallological Museum

    A <a href="">human specimen finally joined the ranks of over 80 penises and penis parts</a> this spring.

  • Grutas Park, Lithuania

    This sculpture garden offers works of Soviet-era personalities, including Joseph Stalin.

  • Sulabh International Toilet Museum, India

    Bindeshwar Pathak, founder of the Sulabh Sanitation Movement, walks through this ode to all things toilets in New Delhi.

  • Torture Museum, Amsterdam

    Despite the <a href="">bargain entry price for children</a>, we're not sure you should bring anyone prone to nightmares to the Torture Museum.

  • Mustard Museum, Wisconsin

    Mustard is one of America's favorite condiments. But a <a href="">whole museum</a> dedicated the yellow stuff might seem a bit unnecessary to some.

  • The Dog Collar Museum, Leeds Castle

    Over 100 collars sit in this museum <a href="">on the grounds of Leeds Castle</a>.

  • Currywurst Museum, Germany

    There are guided tours, make-your-own snack bars and a history of currywurst in pop culture at <a href="">this Berlin museum</a>.

  • National Museum of Funeral History, Texas

    Houston is home to <a href="">America's largest collection of funeral service artifacts</a>, including items used in presidential funerals.

  • Museum of Broken Relationships, Croatia

    This <a href="">sad sap museum </a>even toured to Berlin.

  • Toilet-Seat Art Museum in San Antonio, Texas

    Bert meets an artist who works in a unique medium - commode covers.