This weekend, HuffPost Women readers braved the water in Laguna Beach, ran 5Ks in Nashville and Albany, and wrestled alligators in South Lousiana! To see evidence of these best weekends ever, click through their photos below.

A quick reminder: the premise of "Best Weekend Ever" is that as much as we all look forward to the weekend, it's also fun to look back on the amazing couple of days we just had and appreciate that time.

So keep your phones and cameras handy next weekend. Snap a quick picture of your activities and send it to or submit to the slideshow below. We'll feature it here on Monday's Best Weekend Ever slideshow, and add our favorite weekly submission to our "Best Weekend Ever" Pinterest board.

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  • Went paddling! Soooo much fun!

  • Hydro jetpacking in Laguna Beach

  • Recording artist Kenny Wesley sings the National Anthem at the Washington Nationals playoff game on September 20, 2012. The Nationals won and clinched their first playoff berth since 1933. Kenny's single, "Won't Let It Go", from his forthcoming DEBUT CD, "The Real Thing", debuted on FOX's hit show, "So You Think You Can Dance" on May 30, 2012.

  • We had the best and most rewarding weekend ever! This weekend we baked up several birthday cakes and cupcakes for a family who are regular customers of our online bakery a la mode. The family suffers with several food allergies and finds it extremely difficult to purchase yummy customized treats for celebrations. We are an all organic, vegan & gluten free bakery. Our products are also corn, rice and soy free. Therefore the family is able to enjoy treats such as carrot cake with 'cream cheese' frosting, vanilla cake with vanilla frosting and even a red velvet cake shaped like a football and decorated in their team colors! Not to mention an array of cupcakes in various flavors. There is nothing better than delivering the cakes and seeing the smiles they bring to the children's faces and the family who can't just go out and pick up a cake from the local grocery store. It's because of families like them that we do what we do & why this was one of our best weekends ever!

  • My coworker and myself participated in our 1st 5K in Nashville in conjunction the Women's Half Marathon. It was wonderful. I never thought I would ever do such a thing, but I did and couldn't be prouder.

  • Went to the Sky deck at sears (Willis) tower with my best friend.

  • Reflecting on 40 and investing in the women that sustain us.

  • My commute home on the Staten Island Ferry. Got a cool pic of the Statue of Liberty. Looks like her light is lit, but it's the sun. Also got a great shot of a boat with a Moet Sail. The next morning, hubby and I were up early (as we usually are during the week), and couldn't fall back to sleep, so we took a walk on the Staten Island Beach at Sunrise and took a great shot. On Sunday, we went to the Freshkills Park Sneek Peak in Staten Island. Great weekend.

  • First day of alligator season in South Louisiana

  • Ran the Color Me Rad Albany 5k with 2 of my daughters!!

  • Danika goes to Niagara Ice Dogs hockey game and has slushy with Dad.. St Catharines Ontario Canada

  • Oklahoma football!

  • My really great weekend was seeing both Springsteen concerts back to back. It doesn't get better than the Boss. Especially when it's his birthday and his mother shows up.