James Bond Books: New Designs From Amazon And Vintage Go Head To Head

09/21/2012 08:59 am ET | Updated Sep 21, 2012

The James Bond books by Ian Fleming have been in print since they were written in the 1950s-60s. In preparation for the new Bond movie Skyfall, new releases of the classic titles are emerging on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the UK, Vintage Books have released a Classics series while Amazon in the States is poised to release its own series on October 16th, under its Thomas & Mercer imprint. Both have opted for graphic design-heavy designs; Amazon's is monochrome with a red 007 dot, while Vintage is handdrawn typography with subtle additional elements.

But which is best? I take a look at each cover side by side, and rank them accordingly.


The Battle Of James Bond Covers

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