09/23/2012 04:35 pm ET | Updated Sep 24, 2012

Kim Jong-Un's Goes 'Gangnam Style' In New North Korean Psy Parody Song From 'Key Of Awesome' (VIDEO)

Oppa Kim Jong Style!

Are you ready for this? In the latest Psy parody video, we see a faux version of North Korea's young ruler, Kim Jong-Un, ordering his people to dance "Gangnam Style."

Every time the toupeed dictator shakes his pointer finger, his people quickly do his bidding, whether it be dancing in step, smiling, or sucking on his toes. Although he delivers lines such as "The national pastime of the people is to be oppressed!" it's hard not to tap your foot to the catchy beat. (In case you were wondering, the horses do make an appearance in this political tribute to the infectious K-pop song that garnered 255 million views and counting.)

Gangnam Style