We all know that animals are pretty awesome photobombers, but they're not the only experts in the family. Babies know a thing or two about taking a normal snapshot and making it something amazing too.

Don't believe us? Just check out these 25 expert examples and you'll be singing a different tune.

And if this is how funny they are young, just imagine how great they're going to be when they get older.

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  • Forced Baby Bomb

    Ok, so sometimes it's hard for babies to bomb photos by themselves.

  • Full Moon Baby Bomb

    That baby is just begging for attention.

  • Crying Baby Stroller Bomb

    "I had to watch this whole boring marathon."

  • Creepy Toddler Bomb

    The eyes say it all.

  • Rolling Toy Bomb

    If you are going to photobomb, you should cheese adorably.

  • Car And Bikini Bomb

    The baby is her stand-in model.

  • Scary Baby Bomb

    That's a pretty big (fake) gun for a baby.

  • Swimsuit Bomb

    "Let's go swimming! Stop taking pictures!"

  • Old-Fashioned Baby Bomb

    This has to be one of the first.

  • Baby From Below Bomb

    Ruining perfectly good cleavage pics is just one of the many services he offers.

  • Perfect Baby Bomb

    The best way to improve boring, old lectures, hands down.

  • Meta Baby Bomb

    Can you photobomb yourself? Contemplate this and get back to us.

  • Sexting Bomb

    "Mom, are you taking pictures of your butt again?"

  • Sneak Attack Bomb

    Making birthday dinners at the Cheesecake Factory weird since 2009.

  • Myspace Bomb

    "Mom, that site doesn't even exist anymore."

  • Baby And Hammer Bomb

    We're just going to assume this turned out fine.

  • Exhausted Toddler Bomb

    He just wanted that shoe.

  • Sneaky Carseat Bomb

    That face!

  • Perfect Mirror Bomb

    Look behind her shoulder.

  • Serious Baby Bomb

    They're trying to be cute, but he's cuter.

  • Kissing Baby Bomb

    You might be focused on the TV bomb, but the little baby in the back takes the cake.

  • Kiss Baby Bomb

    "Hey, no fair!"

  • Running Baby Bomb

    This baby is living life to the fullest.

  • Book Bomb

    Without the baby, this is a pretty boring picture.

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