Just about everyone from Hollywood to Korea has jumped on the Gangnam Style bandwagon -- Britney Spears, Ellen DeGeneres, the U.S. Naval Academy. And in true viral video fashion, the babies are up next.

Reddit user efefte posted a video of his 11-month-old, Leah, bouncing to the tune of the hit song. He calls it "Leah Style." We call it adorable.

Watch the video above to watch Leah take on the Korean sensation, then click through the gallery below to enjoy some more of our favorite dancing babies.

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  • Baby Turns Up The Volume On Britney

    Watch this baby seriously jam out to Britney's "Circus" and even turn up the jams.

  • All The Single Babies!

    This recent youtube hit shows a diapered toddler mimicking the dancing from Beyonce's "Single Ladies" video. He/she even gets the head bob right!

  • Break Dancing Baby

    At first it looks like this little guy is just tearing ass around the living room, but then he busts out some real moves.

  • Booty Shaking Baby

    Bella has moves!

  • Baby Soulja Boy

    Watch as a pair of chubby little legs dart around the living room to Soulja Boy's "Crank That."

  • Babies Let Dad Take The Lead!

    These two young infants wiggle their little bodies every time Dad does his herky-jerky dance in front of them.

  • Elmo VS. Kid Dance-Off

    When Elmo says "Dance!" this kid wants to dance. When Elmo says "Stop!" this kid still wants to dance.

  • Little Boy Does Britney Impression

    The best part of this little boy's rendition of Britney's "Oops I Did It Again" is at the very end when his micriphone somehow turns into a cellphone.

  • Kid Dancing to "Apple Bottom Jeans"

    This kid is a little older than our other dancing superstars, but his moves surpass that of his sisters and most other