Cats Review 'Gangnam Style,' Aren't Impressed (VIDEO)

09/24/2012 02:17 pm ET

In the grand tradition of cute British kids reviewing Skrillex, Noisey, Vice's auditory appendage, has decided to subject this summer's viral hit to its most logical group of critics: cats.

According to Noisey logic, since "the Internet is like 99 percent cats," felines are the Web's best arbiters of taste. (Never mind that the official video for "Gangnam Style" has more than 264 million YouTube views right now.)

The result? A bunch of cats licking themselves, stretching, and trying to undo the headphones that are affixed to their heads with rubber bands.

In the words of one YouTube commenter: "Nude cat just didn't give a fuck."

If you think it's funny, it is. If you think it's cruel, feel free to let Vice know about it.

Strangely, this Vice-sanctioned cat jam is devoid of Lil'Bub, leading us to ask, what gives?

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