If there's one thing food lovers are good at (besides eating), it's singing their adoration of all things food from the rooftops. And in this age of technology, what better way to show your love for something than with your choice of iPhone cases?

If you're looking for food-themed iPhone cases for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, we've got a number of designs to show you that'll make you hungry. Sure, you could pick a case that doubles as a wallet, but why would you when you could have a phone that looks like an ice cream sandwich?

But just as a warning, you'll be hungry all the time (if you aren't already).

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  • Ice Cream Sandwich

    <strong>Get the iPhone 4 and 4S <a href="http://www.etsy.com/listing/109818974/ice-cream-sandwich-hard-case-for-iphone" target="_hplink">Ice Cream Sandwich Case at The Curious Case</a>, $18.50</strong>

  • For The Love Of Cheeseburgers

    <strong>Buy the iPhone 5 <a href="http://www.touchzerogravity.com/products/cheeseburger-iphone-5-case" target="_hplink">Cheeseburger Case at Zero Gravity</a>, $24.50</strong>

  • For The Lovers Of Raw Fish

    <strong>Buy the iPhone 4 and 4s <a href="http://www.etsy.com/listing/108851360/sushi-nigiri-plate-hard-case-for-iphone" target="_hplink">Sushi Nigiri Plate at The Curious Case LLC</a>, $18.50</strong>

  • Soft Serve

    <strong>Get the iPhone 5 <a href="http://www.touchzerogravity.com/collections/iphone-5-cases/products/soft-serve-iphone-5-case" target="_hplink">Soft Serve Case at Zero Gravity</a>, $24.50</strong>

  • For The Breakfast Lovers

    <strong>Buy the iPhone 4 and 4s <a href="http://www.etsy.com/listing/109820769/waffle-hard-case-for-iphone-4-and-iphone" target="_hplink">Waffle Case at The CuriousCase LLC</a>, $18.50</strong>

  • Bacon

    <strong>Get the iPhone 5 <a href="http://www.touchzerogravity.com/collections/iphone-5-cases/products/bacon-iphone-5-case" target="_hplink">Bacon Case at Zero Gravity</a>, $24.50</strong>

  • Chocolate Bar

    <strong>Get the iPhone 5<a href="http://www.touchzerogravity.com/collections/iphone-5-cases/products/augustus-iphone-5-case" target="_hplink"> Chocolate Bar Case at Zero Gravity</a>, $24.50</strong>

  • Bubble Gum

    <strong>Get the iPhone 4 and 4S <a href="http://www.etsy.com/listing/105085127/25-off-sale-ready-to-ship-candy-iphone-4" target="_hplink">Bubble Gum Case at Pete K Design</a>, $19.50</strong>

  • Saltine Crackers

    <strong>Get the iPhone <a href="http://www.touchzerogravity.com/collections/iphone-5-cases/products/dont-be-salty-iphone-5-case" target="_hplink">5 Saltine Crackers Case at Zero Gravity</a>, $24.50</strong>

  • Grade A Meat

    <strong>Get the iPhone 5 <a href="http://www.touchzerogravity.com/collections/iphone-5-cases/products/grade-a-iphone-5-case" target="_hplink">Grade A Meat Case at Zero Gravity</a>, $24.50</strong>

  • French Patisserie Macarons

    <strong>Get the iPhone 4 and 4S <a href="http://www.etsy.com/listing/105094602/french-patisserie-macaroons-iphone-4" target="_hplink">French Patisserie Macarons Case at Pete K Design</a>, $26</strong>

  • French Fries

    <strong>Get the iPhone 5 <a href="http://www.touchzerogravity.com/collections/iphone-5-cases/products/fries-iphone-case" target="_hplink">French Fry Case at Zero Gravity</a>, $24.50</strong>

  • Toast

    <strong>Get the iPhone 4 and 4S <a href="http://www.etsy.com/listing/97424442/iphone-4-case-with-toasted-bread?ref=sr_gallery_44&ga_includes%5B0%5D=tags&ga_search_query=food+iphone+case&ga_ref=related&ga_page=1&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery" target="_hplink">Toast Case at WallsParks</a>, $18.99</strong>

  • Rocket Pop

    <strong>Get the iPhone 5 <a href="http://www.touchzerogravity.com/collections/iphone-5-cases/products/rocket-pop-iphone-5-case" target="_hplink">Rocket Pop Case at Zero Gravity</a>, $24.50</strong>

  • Cherries

    <strong>Get the iPhone 4 and 4S <a href="http://www.etsy.com/listing/103687115/iphone-4-case-iphone-4s-cover-case?ref=sr_gallery_2&sref=sr_456056096814782528bbc23b015480138103cbbd8edff332c7a1398e26666b00_1348244839_14095491_iphone&ga_search_query=iphone+food+cases&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=ZZ&ga_min=0&ga_max=0&ga_page=2&ga_search_type=all" target="_hplink">Cherry Case at Amelia K Photography,</a> $30</strong>

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