09/24/2012 01:34 pm ET

'Girls' Star Lena Dunham Talks Emmys 2012 Opening Sketch

Lena Dunham may not have taken home an Emmy for "Girls" on Sunday night, but she certainly made an impact in the ceremony's opening sketch.

Dunham -- who has a huge amount of nude screen time on her HBO series -- told People magazine that appearing naked while eating cake in a grungy bathroom stall was her idea.

"I pitched the nakedness," she said. "Did anyone who has possibly seen my show think I would be resistant to that? That is from another planet."

And if you were hoping for a tamer Season 2 of "Girls," don't get your hopes up.

"I can't tell you exactly what's going on," Dunham said before the ceremony. "It would be a spoiler alert. It involves sex, sharp objects ..."

"Girls" returns to HBO in January.

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