A young man in dire need of a heart transplant shocked doctors and loved ones alike when his failing heart mended itself, the Omaha World-Herald reports.

Michael Crowe, 23, was admitted to a Nebraska hospital last month with a life-threatening heart problem. Suffering from acute myocarditis (an inflammation of the heart muscle), Crowe's heart was functioning at only 10 percent efficiency, and his other organs were starting to fail.

Crowe needed a heart transplant. But when doctors found a match, Crowe was diagnosed with blood poisoning, and the transplant was deemed too risky, the World-Herald reports.

But it was then, doctors say, that a "miracle" occurred.

An hour after the crushing diagnosis, Dr. Eugenia Raichlin, a heart failure and transplant physician, noticed that Crowe's blood pressure was up -- something that, as Fox News notes, would be "impossible if he was relying solely on the heart-lung machine, which keeps blood pressure steady."

An ultrasound soon revealed that the left chamber of Crowe’s heart was working normally again. Just a few days later, it started working on its own. Incredibly, an MRI scan found no permanent damage or scars.

Visit the Omaha World-Herald to read what Michael Crowe's doctors and family had to say about his recovery.

According to a post on social networking site Caring Bridge, the young man is now out of the hospital and is recuperating at home. He is said to be "doing well" and "feeling a little stronger everyday."

Crowe's family has credited the "exceptional medical care Michael received and the amazing power of prayer" as being two major factors behind the young man's recovery.

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