Sweet potatoes are the potato for those who prefer sugary over salty. And sweet potato recipes let you feel good about indulging your sweet tooth, because hey, it's a vegetable after all.

When you add sweet potatoes to waffles, you can rest assured knowing you're getting your fill of nutrients thanks to that orange tuber. And while we're happy to put just about anything in a waffle maker, these sweet potato waffles are hard to beat.

Get the Sweet Potato Waffles with Whipped Orange Butter recipe

Check out what else you can make in a waffle maker.

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  • Waffleburgers

    <strong>Get the<a href="http://www.waffleizer.com/waffleizer/2010/01/waffleburgers.html" target="_hplink"> Waffleburgers recipe</a> by Waffleizer</strong>

  • S'moreffles

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  • Waffled Croque Madame

    Get the <a href="http://www.waffleizer.com/waffleizer/2010/02/waffled-croque-madame.html" target="_hplink">Waffled Croque Madame recipe</a> by Waffleizer

  • Waffled Soft Pretzels

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  • Carrot Cake Waffles

    <strong>Get the <a href="http://willowbirdbaking.com/2010/03/30/carrot-cake-waffles/" target="_hplink">Carrot Cake Waffles recipe</a> by Willow Bird Baking</strong>

  • Waffled Cinnamon Rolls

    <strong>Get the <a href="http://ahensnest.com/2011/09/waffled-cinnamon-rolls-recipe.html" target="_hplink">Waffled Cinnamon Rolls recipe</a> by Hen's Nest</strong>

  • Waffled Hash Browns

    <strong>Get the <a href="http://www.justgetoffyourbuttandbake.com/?p=5866" target="_hplink">Waffled Hash Browns recipe</a> by Get Off Your Butt And Bake</strong>

  • Waffle-Iron Ham And Cheese Paninis

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  • Waffled Polenta With Chorizo And Black Beans

    <strong>Get the <a href="http://www.waffleizer.com/waffleizer/2010/03/waffled-polenta.html" target="_hplink">Waffled Polenta with Chorizo and Black Beans recipe</a> by Waffleizer</strong>

  • Waffled Cornbread

    <strong>Get the <a href="http://www.waffleizer.com/waffleizer/2010/08/recipe-waffled-cornbread.html" target="_hplink">Waffled cornbread recipe</a> by Waffleizer</strong>

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