Mitt Romney addressed the Clinton Global Initiative in New York on Tuesday morning, and was introduced by the group's namesake, former President Bill Clinton.

"If there's one thing we've learned this election season, it's that a few words from Bill Clinton can do a man a lot of good ... all I have to do now is wait a few days for that bounce to happen," Romney joked, referring to Clinton's well-received speech at the Democratic National Convention earlier this month.

mitt romney bill clinton
(Photo credit: Evan Vucci/AP)

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  • David Worthington

    "Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mitt Romn.." (drops mic) #ClintonPhotoCaptions

  • David Worthington

    At least they agree on one thing: The hair makes the man." #ClintonPhotoCaptions

  • Schmitt Romney

    #ClintonPhotoCaptions #Romney: Did you seat my bussed in supporters? And I am not sitting down until you redo my introduction!

  • honey_child_plz

    #ClintonPhotoCaptions hold on romney i'm looking for you a seat won't be the oval office visit

  • Richie Gross

    President Obama looks sharp! #ClintonPhotoCaptions

  • krista

    .@HuffingtonPost Clint Eastwood is everywhere! #ClintonPhotoCaptions

  • krista

    .@HuffingtonPost How did Obama beat us to the stage? #ClintonPhotoCaptions

  • Julie Silver

    "Don't worry, Mr. President. An empty chair always beats an empty suit." #ClintonPhotoCaptions

  • Gayle Knowles-Hale #ClintonPhotoCaptions Run!! Cooties!!!

  • deborah cunningham

    #ClintonPhotoCaptions "Just keep walkin',Mitt. You know how that convo went the last time."

  • Matthew Newnham #ClintonPhotoCaptions "Hey Mitt, don't worry about that empty chair - we've got it covered. Let me show you the exit."

  • Nicole Suzanne

    @huffpostpol Mitt: Just one photo op.. Bill: Will you let go of my damn jacket Mitt! #ClintonPhotoCaptions

  • Valentine X

    #ClintonPhotoCaptions ..I promised you comedy the likes of Clint Eastwood this year... For your entertainment pleasure ... Hhhheressss Mitt!

  • John Wenger I really have to do this? #ClintonPhotoCaptions

  • Ridzuan Osman

    @HuffPostPol Try not to lie here Mitt. The more you lie, the less chance u have at winning in Nov. Its arithmetic! #ClintonPhotoCaptions

  • John Wenger

    Good luck Rook #ClintonPhotoCaptions

  • smack_soup

    #Clinton already gave the #Obama. Another memo Romney didn't get. #ClintonPhotoCaptions

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