09/25/2012 08:55 am ET

Katy Perry's Best Food Tweets

If there's one thing that Katy Perry seems to enjoy, besides kittens and risque outfits, it's food.

Think about it. Katy Perry sprayed whipped cream from her chest, wore a cupcake bra and sported a candy dress in her music video, "California Gurls." If that didn't make you think that this singer was a little into food, then a look at her Twitter feed definitely will.

Aside from the fact that Perry is taking cooking classes, which she's more than excited about, we've also learned that she likes pizza, Hooters (the sports bar) and ranch dressing. And while we can safely assume that she's not much of a healthy eater based on her Tweets, we definitely dig her style.

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Katy Perry Loves Food