09/26/2012 03:11 pm ET

'Breaking Bad' Director Rian Johnson Tried To Avoid Spoilers

Hate TV spoilers? You're not alone.

"Looper" director Rian Johnson, who directed two episodes of "Breaking Bad," admitted there's a major downside to being at the helm of the series: Knowing exactly what's going to happen.

"A horrible thing happened this season," Johnson, an avid "Breaking Bad" viewer, told Vulture. "Even after I did episode four, for a while, I was still on their automated system where they kept e-mailing me the scripts for five and six. I didn't read them! It was like radioactive material. But I managed to stay clean."

Dean Norris, who plays Hank on the show, is just as guilty of steering clear of scripts ahead of time.

"The last couple seasons I've tried to stay away from reading the complete scripts, so that I can experience the show in the way that an audience member does," Norris told Rolling Stone.

"Breaking Bad" will return for its final 8 episodes next summer.

"Breaking Bad," Season 5