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Restore Our Future, Pro-Mitt Romney Super PAC, Airs Ad Using Young Girl To Criticize Obama

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Restore Our Future, a pro-Mitt Romney super PAC, launched a multimillion dollar ad buy Wednesday using a young girl to editorialize against the policies of President Barack Obama.

"If your daughter was one year old when President Obama was inaugurated, she just started kindergarten," says a female narrator. "Is her future getting better?"

The ad then pivots to a critique of Obama's handling of the economy. "Under Obama, America is experiencing the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression. Counting people who have dropped out or stopped looking for work, the real unemployment rate is 19 percent. Obama has added more debt than the first 41 presidents -- combined."

The narrator asks, "Is America going forward? Or backward?"

The group is spending $2.2 million to air the ad in Wisconsin and Michigan. The latter state is unusual, since Romney and groups allied with him had stopped advertising in the state. HuffPost Pollster's average shows Obama with a 51-40 lead there, widening in recent weeks. Obama has a 51-43 lead in Wisconsin, according to the HuffPost Pollster average.

Restore Our Future was also running low on money as of the end of August. According to its FEC filings, it only had about $6 million left while banking more than $20 million through the summer. Of course, it could have received donations that have not yet been reported since the filing.

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