Prenuptial agreements aren't just for the rich and famous.

They're for regular people too. But just like celebrities, sometimes ordinary folks include some pretty odd-ball clauses in their pre-nups. Click through the slideshow below to see eight of the weirdest pre-wedding agreements.

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  • Weight Gain

    One man -- who was previously married to a morbidly obese woman -- included a <a href="">maximum weight clause</a> for him and his wife in their prenuptial agreement. If she ever weighs more than 170 pounds, or he more than 240, the "overweight" spouse would have to pay the other.

  • Minimum Amounts Of Sex

    One young couple agreed to <a href="">have sex three to four times per week</a> in their pre-nup. An elderly couple, on the other hand, decided to do it on a less-frequent basis of once per month.

  • No Smoking In The House

    One couple's pre-nup ensured that there wouldn't be <a href="">any smoking in their household</a>.

  • Homemade Meals

    Another man included at least <a href="">four home-cooked meals per week</a> in his pre-nup, and if he didn't get his minimum number of meals, his wife would lose her shopping allowance.

  • Be Nice To The In-Laws

    If you can't say anything nice, you're going to be fined -- or least you are if you're the husband of one woman who included a clause that <a href="">fined him $10,000 for each time he was rude </a>to her parents.

  • Football Allowance

    One wife stipulated in her pre-nup that her husband can only watch <a href="">one football game on a Sunday</a> per <em>season</em>.

  • Random Drug Tests

    One couple included the ability to conduct <a href="">random drug tests</a> in their prenuptial agreement. Drugs are on celebrities' minds too: Nicole Kidman agreed to pay $640,000 to hubby Keith Urban for every year they were married in the event of a divorce, but if the <a href="">former cocaine addict Urban should relapse</a>, he wouldn't get a dime.

  • Come Home On Time

    One wife wanted her husband to <a href="">be home on time </a>every night -- so she put it in their pre-nup.

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