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Centre College, Presidential Debate: Prof. Ben Knoll Says Veep Candidates Can Address Flaws

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Centre College will host the second debate between the Democratic and Republican tickets -- and the first and only debate between the vice-presidential candidates -- on Thursday, October 11th, when Vice President Joe Biden and Rep. Paul Ryan go head to head in Danville, Kentucky.

Huffington Post Executive Education Editor Lance Gould spoke with Centre College Assistant Professor of Government Ben Knoll about the vice-presidential debate, which will be moderated by ABC News' Martha Raddatz.

Knoll noted that both Biden and Ryan will have an opportunity to address their perceived public flaws.

The "frankness that Joe Biden brings to the table also carries with it some risks," notes Knoll. "That's [an area] he might try to discipline himself a little more."

Ryan, on the other hand earned something of "an unfavorable reputation after his convention speech for, to put it politely, the inaccuracies of a lot of things he said," adds Knoll. So this debate "is an opportunity to demonstrate that he can be relied upon to share accurate information."

All four debates are sponsored by the nonpartisan Commission on Presidential Debates.

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