At Miami Beach Cinematheque, Paul Dano stars in "For Ellen" as wannabe rocker Joby Taylor, who ditches his wife and daughter Ellen on the road to stardom and must decide if giving up custody is something he can go through with. Director So Yong Kim, who was abandoned by her father as a child, created the film as a sort of daydream of her father coming back to see her.

At Tower Theater, there will be two rare screenings of The Beatles' "Magical Mystery Tour," which bombed in 1967 when the color film was broadcast in black and white to a British audience not ready for the eccentricities of the Fab Four. Tower Theater is only one of two theaters in Florida that will be showing the film, which has been remastered and includes narration by Paul McCartney,

For a good time with the family that even parents will enjoy, Cosford Cinema is screening Disney's "Brave," about a feisty Scottish girl who can do some serious damage with a bow and arrow. However, because she's a girl, no one seems to care.

Check out other films this week, including a French pregnancy pact, a teenage crew holding up a movie theater, and some big-name stars acting in short films:

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  • <a href="">For Ellen</a> Oct. 5, 6 and 7 at 7 p.m. <a href="">Miami Beach Cinematheque</a> Tickets: $8 to $10 Wannabe rock star Joby Taylor is ready to divorce his wife, when he finds out that by signing the paper he must give up custody of his 6-year-old daughter. He goes to meet her to find out if he can do that.

  • <a href="">Miss Tacuarembó</a> Red Carpet Opening Night Oct. 5 at 7 and 10 p.m. Tickets: $20 Natalia lives in the extremely Catholic town of Tacuarembó in Uruguay when she has the opportunity to travel to Argentina to compete in an "American Idol" style show. Spanish with English subtitles. There will be an in-person Q&A with director Martín Sastre after each screening. From 9 to 10 p.m., enjoy a reception in the outdoor plaza with food and a Bacardi open bar.

  • <a href="">Magical Mystery Tour</a> Oct. 2 at 7 p.m. and Oct. 6 at 9:15 p.m. <a href="">Tower Theater</a> Tickets: $10 to $12 A restoration of The Beatles' 1967 "Magical Mystery Tour," the audience gets the chance to join the band on a tour bus in a movie that was never shown in the US. With narration by the Fab Four, their then-new six songs were presented: "Magical Mystery Tour," "The Fool On The Hill," "Flying," "I Am The Walrus," "Blue Jay Way" and "Your Mother Should Know."

  • <a href="">Cosmopolis</a> Oct. 5 at 9 p.m., Oct. 6 and 7 at 5 and 9 p.m. <a href="">Miami Beach Cinematheque </a> Tickets: $8 to $10 Robert Pattinson plays 28-year-old Eric Packer, a star in the New York City finance universe working to get on top. As he's shuttled around town by his driver, he watches the stocks go haywire and his life falling apart.

  • <a href="">Neighboring Sounds</a> Oct. 2, 3 and 4 at 9 p.m. <a href="">Miami Beach Cinematheque</a> Tickets: $8 to $10 A community in Brazil is still recovering from a past of violence when the man running the town calls a private security company to police the area for petty crime. The community, divided by the rich and the poor, becomes uneasy by their presence.Portuguese with English subtitles.

  • <a href="">Stars in Shorts</a> Oct. 6 at 3:45 p.m. and Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. <a href="">Cinema Paradiso</a> Tickets: $6 to $10 See some of your favorite actors and actresses perform in short films. Includes Judi Dench, Colin Firth, Keira Knightley, Lily Tomlin and Jason Alexander.

  • <a href="">Cinema Hold-Up (<em>Asalto al Cine</em>)</a> Oct. 5 at 7 p.m., Oct. 6 at 5:30 p.m. <a href="">Cosford Cinema</a> Tickets: $7 to $9 The next part of the cinema's Hispanic Heritage Month series, a group of troublemaking teens get into more trouble -- with each other-- than they plan when they try to rob a movie theater. Spanish with English subtitles.

  • <a href="">Brave</a> Oct. 6 at 10 p.m. and Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. <a href="">Cosford Cinema</a> Tickets: $5 The feisty Merida, daughter of King Fergus and Queen Elinor, is a wiz with the bow and arrow. But, because she is a girl, no one seems to take what she can offer the kingdom seriously. Wanting to change her future, she turns to a witch.

  • <a href="">17 Girls (<em>17 Filles</em>) </a> Oct. 2 at 9:15 p.m., Oct. 3 at 6:40 and 9:15 p.m. <a href="">Tower Theater</a> Tickets: $7 to $9 A group of teenagers at a French high school form a "pregnancy pact," with disillusioned dreams of living in a house together where they'll raise their children. The fantasy starts to fall apart when they realize the not-so-glamorous aspects of parenthood.

  • <a href="">Grand Illusion (<em>La grande illusion</em>)</a> Oct. 2 at 9:10 p.m., Oct. 3 at 6:30 p.m., Oct. 4 at 9:10 p.m. <a href="">Tower Theater</a> Tickets: $7 to $8 A comedic anti-war film set during WWI, a French pilot and his mechanic are shot down and sent to a German POW camp. They meet the other prisoners, who have started to concoct a plan to escape. French, German, English, and Russian with English subtitles.

  • <a href="">Samsara</a> Oct. 1, 2, 3 and 4 at 4:15, 6:30 and 8:45 p.m. <a href="">Coral Gables Art Cinema</a> Tickets: $6 to $11 An out-of-the-ordinary documentary, this film takes audiences across 25 countries over a five year period with no dialogue, characters or standard story structure. Instead, guests are invited to see the world through the camera lens.