10/01/2012 09:36 pm ET

The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow, The Epilogues, Fences, Chipotle Fest And More Things To Do (PHOTOS)

For the first time in history, Denver will have a chance to host one of the presidential debates this Wednesday--but what about all the other days this week?

The Denver Botanic Gardens is hosting a moving performance (literally) of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Theatre-Hikes Colorado and Twist & Shout Records fans can expect a live performance by a local band on Tuesday.

Burrito-lovers will have a chance to celebrate a Chipotle festival in town, Clyfford Still enthusiasts are welcoming Vincent Van Gogh and baseball fans shouldn't miss "Fences."

Check out our pick of things to do in Denver this week:

Five Things To Do In Denver