Not all pet tricks have to be stupid pet tricks. Some of them can be downright handy.

We've already shown you how great dogs are at fetching beers for their owners, and now we've found 17 other actually useful pet tricks being demonstrated on YouTube.

These pups can not only fetch, speak and roll over, but load the dishwasher, bring in the groceries and even give back rubs as well. Check out each actually useful trick below and maybe try teaching one to your own dog tonight.

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  • Let's Start From The Beginning...

    The oldest useful dog trick: getting the paper.

  • Closing A Drawer

    This dog closes drawers like a much bigger dog.

  • Closing A Door

    In the little dog division, this dog makes closing doors look good.

  • Recycling

    Dogs can be green, too.

  • Turning Off Lights

    This dog scores points for using no additional aids.

  • Retrieving A Kleenex

    Now if they could just teach him to bark "Gesundheit!"

  • Making The Bed

    Most dogs just claw at the bed, but this dog scores points for effort (and actually moving the blanket a little).

  • Helping Out In The Kitchen

    Smurf is a little worker bee.

  • Putting Away Toys

    Getting dogs to clean up after themselves seems like a great idea.

  • Cleaning The House

    Grace may just picking up her toys, but her golden retriever charm gives her major points.

  • Taking Off Socks

    After a long day of work, sometimes you need some help getting your socks off.

  • Loading Dishwasher (Guide)

    We appreciate the guide. Would we let our dog handle our dishes though?

  • Rubbing Backs

    Who is having more fun here?

  • Unloading The Dryer

    Very impressive. Now if only Nutmeg could fold.

  • Doing The Laundry

    Now this is impressive.

  • Getting The Groceries

    Who needs kids?

  • Jesse Steals The Show

    This dog FTW!

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