"30 Rock" returns this week for its seventh and final season, which means we only have thirteen episodes left to enjoy Liz Lemon's antics -- what the what?! Tina Fey's role as the TGS head writer has been entertaining us since 2006 with her quick wit, strange neuroses, and quirky catchphrases (Liz, we always "want to go to there" with you).

Lemon is a favorite with both viewers and critics: Fey's portrayal of the character has won her two Golden Globes, one Emmy, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, one People's Choice Award, and one Critic's Choice Television Award.

The character's popularity may stem from the fact that she's so different from other female characters on TV. Fey told Elle's Rachel Rosenblitt that women often relate to Liz Lemon in a way they can't always relate to the more glamorous women on television:

I did a book tour last spring, and so many of the women who came looked exactly like me: glasses, brown hair, horizontal-striped shirts. A lot of them saying, "People in my office call me Liz Lemon." She certainly looks normal, and her life is not romanticized too much. I really like 'Sex and the City,' but I view it as a different genre of fantasy fulfillment, like, What if I was awesome and I wore heels and went out at night?!

So in honor of the final season of "30 Rock" and one of the best female TV characters out there, we've made a short quiz to find out just how well we all know Liz Lemon. Test your knowledge below!

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  • Question: Which famous musician did Liz attend elementary school with?

  • Answer: Sheryl Crow! The two starred as a pair of kidneys in their fifth-grade musical. (Season 3, Episode 22, "The Kidneys")

  • Question: What was Liz's first acting job when she lived in Chicago with Jenna?

  • Answer: Liz starred in a commercial for a phone sex line. (Season 3, Episode 13, "Apollo, Apollo").

  • Question: Which comedian did Liz date prior to the events of the series?

  • Answer: Conan O'Brien! (Season 1, Episode 3, "Blind Date")

  • Question: What is Liz Lemon's alma mater?

  • Answer: The University of Maryland, where Lemon held a partial competitive jazz dance scholarship and majored in theater tech. (Season 4, Episode 17, "Lee Marvin vs. Derek Jeter")

  • Question: How did Liz avoid jury duty?

  • Answer: By dressing up as Princess Leia for jury selection sessions and claiming that she could "read thoughts." (Season 3, Episode 2, "Believe In The Stars")

  • Question: Who is Liz's ideal future husband?

  • Answer: Astronaut Mike Dexter (Season 4, Episode 20, "The Moms")

  • Question: How does Liz manage to get a seat on the New York subway?

  • Answer: Using her gym bag, which smelled bad enough to attract "bugs, which were attracting bats, which were attracting bat-hawks" (Season 6, Episode 8, "The Tuxedo Begins")

  • Question: Who or what is Tom Selleck?

  • Answer: Liz Lemon's natural moustache (Season 4, Episode 10, "Black Light Attack!").

  • Question: What is Liz's favorite snack?

  • Answer: Sabor de Soledad, off-brand cheese curls that are revealed to contain bull semen. (Season 2, Episode 15, "Cooter")

  • Question: During her conversations with Criss, how does Liz refer to a potential future baby?

  • Answer: As a "plant;" Liz doesn't use the word "baby" until the finale of season 6.