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Crossroads GPS Releases Robocall In Michigan Criticizing Obama

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President Barack Obama calling voters with volunteers. | AP

Crossroads GPS, the super PAC run by Republican strategist Karl Rove, has released a new robocall in Michigan campaigning against President Barack Obama's record on the national debt and taxes.

The 30-second call describes a $5.3 trillion increase in the national debt -- which it says is $4 billion per day since Obama took office in 2009. The call also says that Obama wanted to increase taxes by $1.5 trillion in his proposed 2013 budget. The call urges Michigan voters to call Obama at the White House to discuss "wasteful spending" and tax cuts with the president.

The call also suggests that Obama is hurting job creation in economically struggling Michigan.

"While we are trying to get on our feet, these higher taxes could have made it even harder to create jobs in Michigan," the woman reading the script said in the call.

You can listen to the full call here. Huffington Post obtained the call via Off The Bus; a full index of robocalls in Election 2012 can be heard here.

The Crossroads GPS robocall comes as polls show Obama widening his lead over Republican nominee Mitt Romney, a Michigan native, in the state. Recent polling compiled by HuffPost Pollster shows Obama with a 4- to 12-point lead in the Great Lakes State. The call also comes as Crossroads GPS unveils new ads nationwide to paint congressional Democratic incumbents as corrupt.

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