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Jay Cutler Avoids Mike Tice: Bears QB Insists No Significance To Awkward Sideline Moment (VIDEO)

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Jay Cutler walks away from Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice during
Jay Cutler walks away from Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice during "Monday Night Football" against the Cowboys.

When it comes to Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, no passing sulk or potential quarrel goes unnoticed.

Even after he delivered an impressive performance in Chicago's dominating 38-14 win over the Cowboys, Cutler still had to answer questions about his body language and sideline interactions. One week after taking heat for yelling and shoving offensive lineman J'Marcus Webb, Cutler faced questions about an incident when he didn't seem particularly interested in listening to Bears offensive coordinator Mike Tice

After the Bears failed to a convert on a 3rd-and-1 play late in the second quarter, Tice tried to talk to Cutler, who was sitting on the bench. Emphasis on "tried." As soon as Tice arrived, Cutler stood back up and walked a few feet away to get a drink of a water.

Given Cutler's reputation, the analysis -- and criticism -- of the snub began.

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Cutler to Mike Tice: Donnnnnnt carrrrree!

Kevin Seifert
I know Cutler is over-scrutinized on the sidelines, but walking away when Mike Tice sits down next to you to talk? Not smart.

"No (I wasn’t upset). What are we looking for here? I know we’ve got to sell papers, but ... I mean, we can’t read into everything," Cutler responded when asked about that moment during his postgame press conference, via Jeff Dickerson of ESPN Chicago. "You guys have got to sell papers and it’s hard out there. But we can’t blow up every headline. Things happen in football games. Just because I walk off and go get water, that doesn’t mean much."

Does he have a point? Are his sideline interactions unfairly dissected? Has he earned that? At the very least, Cutler does deserve credit for understanding the plight of print media.

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