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Will Teddy Win? Scott Ableman Of 'Let Teddy Win' Hopes So (UPDATED)

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UPDATE, Wednesday, 2:05 p.m.: Teddy won the presidents' race! And right afterwards, Ryan Zimmerman hit a home run! Watch video of Teddy's big win here. Developing ...

WASHINGTON -- The Washington Nationals became the National League East Division champions for the first time in franchise history on Monday.

There's another franchise record that's being closely watched: Teddy Roosevelt has not won a Washington Nationals President's Race. Ever.

But could Teddy finally win? The Nationals appear to be leaning toward a Teddy victory sometime soon. Maybe.

The evidence? Fans were given "Teddy in 2012" under eye patches before Monday's game. Teddy was the only president doused with beer during the on-field championship celebration. Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) has appeared in two videos exposing the "vast left wing conspiracy" that supposedly won't allow Teddy a victory. There's even a hashtag for all of this, #TeddyIn2012.

Scott Ableman, the man behind the Let Teddy Win site, one of Nats fans favorite destinations, spoke with The Huffington Post about Teddy's situation.

The Huffington Post: Are you superstitious?

Scott Ableman: No. I am not superstitious.

HuffPost: What would you say to a superstitious fan?

Ableman: I would say that a superstitious baseball fan should consider whether the curse will be good or bad. Some people say Teddy will win once they make the playoffs. Some people say the World Series. I say Teddy has to win in order for us to win the World Series.

HuffPost: Isn't that superstitious?

Ableman: Fair enough. But anyone that is superstitious could take either side of the argument.

HuffPost: What's your ideal win date for Teddy?

Ableman: For me, the ideal win date for Teddy is always the next game.

HuffPost: Are you worried that you'll get blamed if Teddy wins and the Nats choke in the playoffs?

Ableman: I've never heard that before.

I am not worried about that. I know that justice will be served, finally, when Teddy wins. It's a great conspiracy that has gone on far too long. Even the Nats have joined the movement. Which I find ironic but highly encouraging.

HuffPost: If Teddy doesn't win, will you continue to be a fan?

Ableman: I will always be a fan of the Nationals. I started this whole thing partially because I am a fan of the Nationals and at the time, the Nationals needed all the help they could get.

However, I do believe they are committed to not letting Teddy win. I don't have any expectations.

HuffPost: What are your playoff predictions?

Ableman: I'm not going to miss a minute of it, I'm going to enjoy every second of it. It's been a great season. It's been the start of what could be a dynasty on [South] Capitol Street. As far as I'm concerned they're a year early and this is just gravy and we have to soak it all in.

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