10/02/2012 06:56 pm ET

Prison 'Gangnam Style' From Philippines Is Amazing (VIDEO)

Who says prison can't be fun?

The inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center first made a name for themselves when a video of them dancing to Michael Jackson's "Thriller" went viral. And now they've staged an open-air performance (during a downpour, no less) of Psy's international mega-hit, "Gangnam Style."

This is far from the first interpretation of the song to go viral. One spoof, "Lifeguard Style,"which was staged by guards at a California pool, even led to some trouble.

Other popular parodies of the song include a "Gangnam Style" wedding video and the "Star Trek"-themed "Klingon Style," which is sung almost completely in the made-up language from the science-fiction franchise.


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