This edition of Style Swap brings together two ladies whose style couldn't be more diametrically opposed, Huffington Post interns Amanda McGowan and Amy Marturana.

Amanda grew up in Throgs Neck, the southeastern peninsula of the Bronx. She describes the area as multi-cultural and the style as very urban: think "Jersey Shore" types in low-slung jeans and fitted baseball caps. Growing up there didn't have much influence on her style, rather, she rebelled against her surroundings. As a shy girl who wanted to stand out, Amanda described using clothes as a means of communicating without having to actually speak. "I started getting more and more 'weird' as I got older and gained more self-confidence. I don't feel like I fit in in Manhattan either. I expected New York City to be more unique, but mass retail has had a homogenizing effect on its denizens: I see one Topshop piece on multiple girls."

Amanda went to NYU and was disappointed to find that most of the students were preppy. She did meet her best friend there, though. "I complimented her Phillip Lim bag, and she loved my coat, and now we're best friends." So where does Amanda find the pieces that make up her unique look? "I exclusively shop on Etsy and at Beacon's Closet. I love the design aesthetic from Rodarte. I love their open-weave knitwear. I like things that are pretty and fairy-like, but then they have an idiosyncratic quality to them, like Miss Havisham's wedding dress. My clothes are pretty intricate or detailed, so one problem that I have is that I can't throw them in the washing machine. So I have to dryclean them, and I usually spend more on drycleaning than I did on the garment itself."

Amy is from Newtown, Pennsylvania, a suburb of Philadelphia that she describes as "very white and middle class; there wasn't much diversity." She also went to college in New York, but upstate at Syracuse. "I love to shop, my mom and I used to go to the mall all the time. To add to my shopaholic tendencies was the fact that I worked at Forever 21, so I had easy access to trendy, fast-fashion. The downside to working in retail (other than spending too much money) was that I found clothes were disposable. Even now, I find that I latch onto trends, but just as quickly leave them in the dust. I am trendy, but not edgy. I wear the 'expected' trends. I'm not adventurous: My sense of style is very safe and mainstream."

At the end of our style "experiment" the girls realized a few things. "I never noticed how preppy I dressed until today," said Amy. Will she be bleaching her hair any time soon? Doubtful. Amanda, on the other hand, found that she was both physically and mentally uncomfortable in her colleague's clothes, but she did like the new outfits that we put together with her clothes. She said, "It gave me different ideas on how to work with the garments. I have crazy clothes and I wear them more simply than I would like."

Check out the girls as they switched styles below, and keep clicking to see style swaps we've done in the past here.

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  • Before: Amanda And Amy

    <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look One: Amanda

    This look is great for my posture, I'm definitely standing up straighter. I feel very aware of the heels, I can't see myself being able to walk without putting a great deal of thought into navigating my course without toppling over. <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Two: Amanda

    Tottering onto the set, Amanda claims that "I look like a man trying to wear high heels!" She says: "I feel more relaxed in dresses and skirts; I can move better. Jeans don't fit my body shape in a way that's comfortable to me; they're always gaping and falling down." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Three: Amanda

    This look is definitely showing a little more than I am normally comfortable with. I generally keep my pale legs under wraps, and here they are, showcased! Also, I tend to dress like an Easter egg (in pastel colors) and these primary colors are not really my jam. <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Four: Amanda

    From age 12 until I was about 20, I never wore ANYTHING that revealed my legs without tights, so basically I haven't shown my legs for a decade! These shorts are riding up -- talk about uncomfortable. <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look One: Amy

    I feel very different. I like the dress a lot, it fits me well. But I feel really clumsy in the shoes -- I would probably wear plain black flats with this dress. This is not something I would ever think to put together. <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Two: Amy

    I love the color, the cut and the girliness of this dress. I wear a lot of floral prints and bright colors, so the sequins and embroidery speak to me. Wearing the feminine dress with the clunky boots is a total oxymoron -- such a contrast. I would never wear this jacket, it's too costume-y. And I'm sweating! The synthetic material is really hot. <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Three: Amy

    Amanda found this skirt on Etsy for under $50 and the sweater from eBay. Amy loves the skirt, saying, "It's really pretty and shimmery. It feels very elegant. I would wear it with a pretty top. Now the sweater is another matter. It's funky..." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Four: Amy

    Despite the practial dilemma of my dress being totally see-thru, I am relishing the comfort factor of this look. <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Before: Emmeline & Carolyn

    <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look One: Carolyn

    "I feel like I'm headed to the club. I would wear this dress if I were going dancing, but these shoes are too uncomfortable, and the jewelry is too much for me. I like the dress; the shape is more flattering than I'd originally thought." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Two: Carolyn

    "This shirt is pretty scandalous," was the first comment Carolyn made when she appeared in the second look. "I really like the floral pattern on the shorts, but I'd wear it with a loose-fitting t-shirt and flat sandals. The draped neck on the shirt is just too revealing for my taste. I do like the added sparkle of the accessories, although I'd never wear this bag." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Three: Carolyn

    "I love the aztec-inspired print on the skirt and the chunky jewelry -- But the sky-high heels are the antithesis of my laid-back style." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look One: Emmeline

    "I feel like my little sister -- she has a very bohemian look. Everything she wears is unique; her look as pretty rustic. I wouldn't wear this outfit, but I am really comfortable." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Two: Emmeline

    "I feel like I'm going strawberry picking. I do like the embroidered top, but I'd definitely add skinny jeans and heels." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Three: Emmeline

    "This look was probably my favorite one of the day. I love the shirt -- I'm actually wanting to go out and find it for myself -- and the big floppy hat I'd never have a chance to wear in real life but brings me back to my college days when we'd attend the Carolina Cup -- an annual horse race in South Carolina -- and all the guys would wear khakis and pastel shirts/ties and the girls were decked out in gorgeous sun dresses and massive hats." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Before: Kerstin & Liz

    <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look One: Kerstin

    "I love skinny jeans, but this t-shirt is definitely out of my comfort zone." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Two: Kerstin

    "This look isn't so far from me, but it could really use a pink strappy heel. I would definitely add heels." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Three: Kerstin

    "I could potentially see myself wearing this look, definitely with heels. I am vegetarian, so I stay away from leather. I love <a href="" target="_hplink">Matt & Nat </a>-- their line of vegan bags is amazing!" <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Four: Kerstin

    "The beanie is way too young for me, but I do love how the dress and belt emphasize my waist." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look One: Liz

    "I'm into these shorts -- and the fact that they're work appropriate! -- and I love the bright color of the shirt. Kitten heels aren't really my thing. I'd probably wear with a pair of nice, black flats." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Two: Liz

    "I don't own anything pink. And I do love a headband, but not one that looks like a flower on my head." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Three: Liz

    "This look is all about ruffles and it feels too fancy for the office. If I were wearing it out in the evening I'd lose the cardigan and pink shoes, add a big belt, and dress it down with a low-key jacket." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>

  • Look Four: Liz

    "This dress feels too sexy; it's tight, even though it doesn't look it. I'm a little self-conscious in it. I would probably mix in some rich brown tones -- I'm into mixing browns and blacks -- or add bigger statement necklace to make it feel cooler." <em>Photo Courtesy of Raydene Salinas/AOL</em>