Craigslist is a great place to find antiques, discounted items and apartments for rent. But it's also a steller place to find things that are useless, strange and sometimes a little alarming. This week, we bring you some more weird Craigslist ads from across the country. Check out the slideshow below to see what's for sale now. Maybe you'll find something you've been looking for (how about the huge stuffed banana with dreadlocks?) or, maybe you'll just laugh and furrow your eyebrows in confusion like we did.

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  • 1960's McDonald's Birthday Party Game

    Every birthday party needs a solid game of "Pin The Ronald On His Burger Ship," right? Maybe the winner will get a free Big Mac. It might not be the healthiest part of the party, but why play a game about donkeys when you can focus on cheeseburgers?

  • Rasta Banana

    As if a humongous banana isn't cool enough, this one has a full head of dreads. We just hope whoever buys this has plenty of extra space for this guy to hang out.

  • Dirty Talking Bird

    The only thing worse than a talking bird that won't shut up is one that has the mouth of a sailor. The current owner bought this as a gift, until he realized it was too inappropriate to give because of all the dirty stuff it says.

  • Used Perfumes

    The post claims that there's nothing wrong with these, but we're still not too sure about spraying them on our wrists and neck when they are so... used.

  • J-Lo 4-Foot Billboards

    We're not exactly sure why someone would need a four-foot poster of Jennifer Lopez, but hey, everyone has a different idea of what constitutes as stylish home decor.

  • K. Adler 'Glamour Puss' Figurine

    We can't help noticing how cat-lovers must flock to Craigslist to get their fix.