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Arnold Schwarzenegger Tries To Rehab His Reputation, But Is It Too Late?

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Is it too late for Arnold Schwarzenegger to rehab his reputation? | AP

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is in the middle of a goodwill tour on behalf of his reputation, and it's not going so well. Reactions to his memoir Total Recall, his numerous tell-all interviews and the announcement of his eponymous think tank range from disgust to disbelief, and that's putting it mildly.

In his book, Schwarzenegger claims that "secrecy is a part of me." Steve Lopez of the Los Angeles Times snarks, "Secrecy would be a part of me, too, if I'd slept with the maid and my love child was running around the house under my wife's nose."

His initiative to create a post-partisan think tank at USC seems to have sullied the university itself in the eyes of the Sacramento Bee's Dan Morain. "He has used his wealth to persuade the University of Southern California, an otherwise fine university, to establish the Schwarzenegger Institute for State and Global Policy, an oxymoron," writes Morain.

As for his prediction that he and Maria Shriver will eventually reconcile, HuffPost's Ann Brenoff writes, "If ever there was a guy who deserved to be taken to the cleaners, it's this one."

Schwarzenegger is definitely back in the public eye, but the stench around his affair and secret love child doesn't seem to have lifted. Will he have the same comeback power as a certain former president, or is he doomed to forever remembered as a failed husband and father?

Here's what HuffPost readers have to say about Schwarzenegger's attempts to rehabilitate his reputation. Check out the debate below to see what both sides had to say, then let us know who you agree with in the comments.


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Arnold Schwarzenegger will never have the elder statesman status he craves. People will only remember him for the worst thing he ever did.

“Sorry, Arnie. Your beefcake is past its prime.” - ChrisDWard

“"He's been a governor, a movie star and the world's greatest body builder, but Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't done yet." AND, he has been a philandering husband, insensitive parent, a sexual harasser, a friend of Nazis, a steroid abuser, and a clueless egomaniac as well. Please, Arnie, be done.” - who38

“Arnold has added his name to the list of male celebrities/politicians who have publicly humiliated their wife and family. Instead of being ashamed of his behavior and withdrawing from the public view for the sake of his family, he parades himself from one national tv show to the other - obviously believing that we care. Talk about delusional. I have: zero respect for him. zero amount of interest in anything he says or does.” - JudyChicago

It's never too late for Arnold Schwarzenegger to turn his life around, and he certainly doesn't owe an apology to anyone but his family.

“Americans seem to prefer whinging hypocrites like Jimmy Swaggart who cry in public and swear they'll never do bad stuff again. We love seeing fake repentance and crocodile tears. You can do anything as long as you pretend you're sorry. I don't need an apology from anyone else for bad behavior, least of all this guy. Get over yourselves.” - WhittingtonsCat

“Got to admire Arnold...he tried to take on the public unions years ago, and was slammed by the forces at hand. He should have had more public support, as this financial mess will bankrupt the state, in time. (and make it inhospitable for the current generations) Arnold came across as very genuine, intelligent, and honorable, in his own way. It's hard to compare a normal life to his...he simply elevated his game to a level most would consider myth. Have to simply admire this man...” - Black Rhino

“Remember the opening of Commando when he was feeding the deer in the woods with his daughter? A hilariously bad moment. Arnold's movies are awesome, though.His personal issues are none of my business; I just wanna see him blow stuff up.” - psychMI



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It's Too Late For Arnold To Salvage His Reputation


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