Halloween is one of our favorite holidays, and we are thrilled it's right around the corner. To get into the ghoulish spirit we thought we'd add some DIY Halloween decorations to our homes. And nothing says spooky like a flickering candle display.

Instead of the real thing, we opted to deck out some flameless candles because we won't have to worry about accidents or dripping wax, but they still look just as pretty. Don't believe us? Click through the slideshow below to see the decorations we whipped together with some simple craft supplies, and you won't have to be afraid of the dark!

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  • Nature-Inspired

    To bring the changing season indoors, we tied some twigs around the flameless candles with some matching brown ribbon. This idea will be great for Thanksgiving too!

  • Textured Stockings

    Dress up your flameless candles with some old patterned stockings. Just slip a candle into the leg, cut the top and secure with glue. We then finished them off with pretty bows around the top.

  • Spell Out Some Fun

    We painted small wooden letters from the craft store, and hot-glued them onto Energizer flamess candles to express our excitement for Halloween. Boo!

  • Mummified

    This one was easy. We wrapped the candle in some medical tape and added some googly eyes to transform it into a scary (but cute!) creature of the night.

  • Glue Gun Designs

    Use a glue gun to write words and draw spooky pictures (like this cute little ghost) directly onto our Energizer candles. Then, we spray painted them black.

  • Burlap-Wrapped Candle

    To give it a rustic fall-inspired look, we used a piece of burlap and some bright orange ribbon to easily dress up a candle in our display.

  • Wrapped In Black Lace

    We used some pieces of black lace to dress up orange and white Energizer flameless candles. Use different amounts and types of lace to vary the design. So elegant!

  • Deathly Decals

    We used clear contact paper to transfer scenes from our favorite scary movies onto glassware. The glow from the flameless candle behind these photos definitely make them even more eerie!

  • X-Ray Vision

    For this DIY, you'll have to ask your doctor or dentist for an old x-ray if you don't have one lying around. When you turn off the lights, you'll see a creepy skeleton grin!

  • Stiffened Lace Doilies

    To create this autumnal look, we applied mod podge to stiffen fabric doilies and then bent the sides up to mold them into holders.