Tea Party-backed Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.), who recently accused his female Democratic opponent of caring more about her outfit than real issues, ridiculed President Barack Obama at a campaign event last week for reaching out to women.

A video captured by CREDO SuperPAC shows Walsh speaking to a group of supporters at a campaign event in Lombard, Ill., on Sept. 30. The congressman says that Obama's strategy is to break Americans into little groups -- "young people, seniors, whites, blacks, browns, women, men" -- and then try to "give them something."

"Six months ago, [Obama] was told, hmm, women aren't as excited right now," Walsh said. "How am I gonna get women excited?"

A man in the crowd can be heard shouting, "Go on The View!"

Walsh then chuckled along with the crowd and continued his impersonation of the president. "I'll talk about abortion, and I'll promise free contraceptives!" he said.

The congressman's comments reflect a common attitude among Republicans, which is that the focus by Democrats on so-called "women's issues" is a political ploy meant to distract voters from more important topics. Eric Fehrnstrom, senior campaign adviser for GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, turned heads in June when he made the comment that women's issues, such as access to contraception and abortion services, are nothing but "shiny objects to distract people's attention" from issues that matter.

Obama's outreach to women, of course, is not limited to talking about abortion and contraception. He and his campaign have been vocal on issues ranging from equal pay to affordable health care to economic security for women.

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