10/03/2012 10:21 am ET | Updated Oct 03, 2012

Marijuana Farm In Chicago: Police Discover 2 Football Fields Worth Of Pot On Southeast Side

Police on Tuesday inadvertently stumbled upon two football fields worth of marijuana plants growing on Chicago's Southeast Side.

According to the Chicago Tribune, a police helicopter discovered the secluded patch of about 1,000 marijuana plants, some of which are 10 feet tall and "as big as Christmas trees," near Stony Island and 105th Street near the Bishop Ford Freeway.

Police also discovered an apparent lookout post where growers surveilled their inventory, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

The find may be the largest cannabis discovery in Chicago's history, police told ABC Chicago.

Authorities are expected to begin destroying the marijuana Wednesday, a process that could take several days to complete. No arrests have yet been made in the discovery.


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