10/03/2012 10:28 pm ET | Updated Oct 04, 2012

Obama To Jim Lehrer: 'You Interrupted Me' (VIDEO)

President Obama was not having it when moderator Jim Lehrer tried to enforce a time limit during Wednesday's presidential debate.

Obama was answering a question on health care when Lehrer told him, "Two minutes are up."

"I had five seconds before you interrupted me," Obama shot back. The quip prompted a murmur from the audience in the debate hall.

Lehrer let him finish his answer, before telling him, "Your five seconds went away a long time ago." The exchange was just one instance of Lehrer getting rolled over when he tried to limit their turns or move on to another question. Earlier that night, Romney also argued with Lehrer about which candidate was supposed to have the last word in a previous portion of the debate.


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